Gisbert Körner



nice that you' ve visited my web site. Here you can find all about my phtography, my studio and about all the activities of the year.

The emphesis of my work as a photographer are people and landscapes. The pictures are the result both of a free and of an applied manner of photographing. No matter what kind of photography you prefer at the beginning it is always a perception and a feeling that is moving you which lead you into this world of photography. On this basis it is the technique in connection with a special light that makes an extraordinary picture.

My studio is in the "Historische Fabrikanlage Barendorf" five kilometres away from the centre of Iserlohn. It is an ancient village of industry left as it was in the 19th century. The heart of its conception are museums and the studios of several artists. Beside other activities the artists invite you once a year to attend to the 'Night of the Studios' in Barendorf.

You may contact the artists via barendorf.kü where you can get information about the activities of the artists, too.


Wie Sie mich finden …

Wenn sie den Hauptweg ins Dorf nehmen, liegt mein Atelier (Haus I) auf der linken Seite direkt hinter dem Cafe. Eingang ist die obere Giebelseite.