Gisbert Körner


Exhibitions in my studio

Why not a visit in my studio? You are very welcome. For special event days through the year my studio is used for exhibitions, too. I am looking forward to seeing you here in my studio on occasion of  'The Barendorf Night of the Artists', of the days of the 'Christmas Market', of 'The Needle Market' or of the different workshop exhibitions.

At 'The Barendorf Night of the Artists' and the days of the 'Christmas Market' there are always fellow artists at my studio. Lately these were Katja Oelmann, a painter, and Stefanie Welk, art of wire-work.

If you are interested it is a real pleasure for me to put you on my list of exhibitions: Please send your e-mail address using my contact. You will be informed just in time. To round it up you will find information about all my activities in my blog, too.


How to find me…

Entering the village on the main path you will find my studio in house I on the left side just opposite the cafe. The entrance is at the higher gabled end.